Are we there yet?

I have started this blog to document my learning at work and life. Creating a personal blog was on my list for fairly long time. Somehow I managed the will to set up the blog.

Being a developer I was inclined to build my blog from scratch - maybe even create a framework for blog of my own (pff..). But this sounds very 90ish and I wanted to work on writing on my blog ASAP (solving the real world problem; rather than creating another)! This made me look for solutions which don't require hefty development setup and time. I was looking for something quick, easy to maintain, and minimal. And Jekyll was spot on!

In this blog series I will try to be genuine and won't try to cover the stupid steps I take to solve something.

I don't have any setup system for commenting, yet. But if you want to comment - twitter can be our friend 😀

Thanks for reading my first blog post.