Why I've Moved From Instagram to My Own Website

As someone who used to be an active Instagram user, I have found that the platform's focus on marketing and its algorithm's favoritism towards those who can effectively market themselves just isn't my cup of tea. Instead, I have decided to spread my wings and migrate to my own website, where I can share my thoughts, experiences, and passions in a way that feels true to who I am.

Unlike Instagram, my website allows me to write longer, more detailed posts that dig deep into the topics I am passionate about. It gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences in a way that feels genuine and authentic.

For example, let's say I am passionate about traveling. On Instagram, I might post a photo of my latest adventure with a brief caption about where I went and what I did. But on my website, I can pen a longer, more detailed post about my trip, sharing the highlights and challenges, the people I met and the lessons I learned. I can also include photos and videos, as well as links to relevant articles and resources. This allows me to share my experiences in a much more comprehensive and engaging way.

Writing on my website not only allows me to share more detailed information, but it also allows me to practice my writing skills and put my thoughts into words. It is a more personal and authentic way for me to connect with my audience and share my experiences with them.

In addition to sharing my passions, writing on my website also gives me the opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests. I can engage with my audience through comments and social media, and even collaborate with other writers and content creators. This creates a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who can support and inspire each other.

In conclusion, while Instagram can be a great platform for sharing visuals and quick updates, I have found that my own website allows me to share more in-depth information and connect with my audience on a more personal level. It allows me to practice my writing and share my thoughts and experiences in a way that feels authentic and genuine. If you are someone who enjoys writing and sharing your experiences, I highly recommend creating your own website as a platform to do so. Let your creative spirit soar!